Frustrated at work?

Do your relationships lack meaning?

Looking for purpose?

The answer comes through doing,
not reading principles and watching others talk.

The first book to step you through an integrated, comprehensive progression of exercises—the only way to develop the social and emotional skills, experience, and beliefs of an effective leader.

A once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance in our field everyone else will follow. It's better than business school courses” — #1 leadership thinker, Marshall Goldsmith

You will learn to become the person others follow.

You will create meaning, value, importance, and purpose in your work and life.

You will become more self-aware and emotionally skilled.

You will improve all your relationships and get more done with less effort.

Get first access to Meaningful Connection, an exercise from the book that will teach you how to
connect meaningfully with anyone in minutes—even those with high status or people you've just met.

The exercise contains both videos and an excerpt from the book that you can start using today!

Joshua Spodek has been quoted and profiled by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, Fox, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USAToday, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Forbes, Worth, Esquire, The Guardian, Salon, Gothamist, Slashdot and many more.

He has spoken at NYU, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, The New York Academy of Science, The U.S. Army, The Children’s Aid Society, IBM, Deloitte, and others.

Featured In:
“In Leadership Step by Step, Joshua Spodek fills the gap between education and experience for potential leaders. By treating leadership like the art it is, he imbues it with empathy and understanding. This is a book that will improve your business savvy and possibly, your life.” Daniel H. Pink

Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

“Leadership Step by Step offers that rare breed of learning—genuine, authentic, effective, engaging, and, most of all, fun. It is based on the best leadership philosophy and practice. The results of doing its exercises insure that you will become an authentic, great leader, able to serve and to live to the best of your ability. Anyone who aspires to lead, to lead more effectively, or to live life to its fullest would benefit from Joshua’s exercises. This is true for business, public service, the social sector, the arts, education, and any sphere where leaders serve.” Frances Hesselbein

Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree, CEO of Girl Scouts, named “Best leader in America” by Peter Drucker

“Joshua is changing the game for leadership development and creating positive change. His insight to give a progression of exercises to practice is a once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance in our field everyone else will follow. It's better than business school courses because he has you create real positive change that lasts. Leadership is about doing, not just understanding, and Joshua's exercises give you both. Leadership Step by Step gets it. Do its exercises and you will too. If you like my style, get coaching from me or buy Joshua's book.” Marshall Goldsmith,

2015 #1 Leadership Thinker and #1 Executive Coach in the World. NY Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers.

“This book doesn't matter so much, but what you choose to do with it means everything. A hands on, useful, urgent book about leveling up as a leader.” Seth Godin

Bestselling author and founder of altMBA

What will you learn?

Unlike other books that give you principles and theory, Leadership Step by Step gives you exercises to practice with people you care about on projects you care about. You will face the social and emotional challenges of leading others and yourself in a safe context.

The book has four units:

Understanding Yourself
Leading Yourself
Understanding Others
Leading Others

You will act and practice in each of these areas so when you lead people in life, you will act with experience, not trying to remember what you read in a book or paper.

Who is this book for?

Professionals in leadership positions, on track to them, or who want to be.

People who want ownership of their work, as entrepreneurs or project leads.

Recent or soon-to-be graduates concerned of how to start their careers.

People who want to improve their relationships.

Also available online or in person at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

What are actual readers saying?

I've read many leadership books in the past, but I've never seen one before that is so eminently practical and still founded on deep, abstract concepts such of emotional intelligence. The exercises presented (which are easy to do and, I would even say, fun!) can truly help all of us grow as a leader in whichever field we work in or in our personal lives.” Jose Gaztelu

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“A truly one-of-a-kind roadmap to cultivating and learning–yes LEARNING–how to be your own best advocate. This book is intrepid and empowering. The real-life exercises contained in it are enjoyable and, more importantly, teach you to hone your authenticity, self-awareness, and empathy to make meaningful connections as a leader.”

Anita R.

Amazon Verified Purchaser

This is more than a leadership book, it's more than a book, it's a guide to creating a meaningful life, it's about achieving your values and leading others to achieve theirs.

The book's tone is calm, non-imposing and has a fluency that is uncommon, a fluency that comes not just from mastering writing and thinking skills, but having actually gone through the process of figuring out what is important, what works, how and why. Instead of only presenting arguments and proofs about what makes a great life, the author shows you how to do so yourself.

It's so well written that it's hard to keep it down and move on to practicing the exercises but the exercises are the way to make it work. If you were to skip the theory and move on to doing the exercises I bet you'd still tremendous results from it. The exercises are fun and rewarding; not tedious at all. At times they challenge you to get out of your comfort zone but never do they kill the joy of pursuing something important.

Ameeta Saxena

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Joshua's book is a game changer for anyone courageous enough to put into practice the leadership skills he teaches. Yes, leadership can be taught and Joshua is your mentor.”

Daniel E. Bauer

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“As a former non-commissioned officer with the US Marines in Iraq, I have read a lot of books on leadership to enhance my own abilities. This is by far the best book I have read on the topic. It is invaluable how Dr. Spodek turns leadership theories into practical and actionable practices. Since leaving the Marines, I have come to learn that leadership skills are essential no matter what I do in life. Learning how to be a better leader not only improves my ability to make a greater impact in the world, it also helps me in my constant journey to achieve mastery over the self. This is one of the best books I have come across to guide me on both these endeavors.”

Akshay Nanavati

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Three words – daring, lively and infectious! Just as an important life event can make you change your beliefs, the exercises in this book will make you rethink the definition and actual process of leadership. Still unsure about how you can enact change in an area you are passionate about? Josh teaches you how to play an active role, through creative thought exercises grounded in useful concepts that can change even other areas of your life.”

Isabelle Tay

Amazon Verified Purchaser

Leadership Step By Step is an early frontrunner for the best business book of 2017. Don't let the title fool you: what Spodek offers isn't merely a checklist of actions to take and discard, but rather a playbook of practices to develop and evolve. It's clear, actionable, readable, and informative, with directive takeaways that can be implemented immediately as well as nuanced habits to cultivate over the course of a lifetime.

Most saliently: it works! Spodek didn't just sit down at a desk one day and decide to put these ideas down on paper. Rather, he's curated an effective series of guided activities developed over a long career of coaching, teaching, instructing, and (most importantly) actually leading. As a manager and executive, I can personally testify to the powerful impact Leadership Step By Step has on my ability to deepen relationships and deliver results. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”

Zac Hill

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“A clear and practical guide to elevating ones impact and leadership in all areas of life and especially through human connection. This book directly lays out the logical path one can and must take to be the motivating, inspiring, and compelling vision of themselves to effectively relate and connect to those around them. A must read for ANY leader.”

Jason Bomberger

Amazon Verified Purchaser

Joshua Spodek makes a good point in his preface, schools often challenge you intellectually but not socially and emotionally. Research shows the biggest differentiator between average and star performers is their EQ not their IQ. So leaders must often learn on their own. This book can be a great tool in that learning. His analogy to learning to play an instrument is apt: you just have to practice. Spodek provides a series of exercises that lay out what to practice to be an effective leader.”

Michael Lederman

Amazon Verified Purchaser

“I've read many leadership books that cover lots of theory and principles of leadership, but no book actually taught me the practical skills that I could apply in real life [naturally]. As a result of Josh's book, I've written my own book and started a very successful career as a corporate public speaker. If you're looking for practical leadership, I've never seen anyone teach it as diligently as Joshua Spodek's Leadership Step By Step.”

Chris Bolger

Amazon Verified Purchaser

Joshua Spodek

Joshua Spodek

The Author

Joshua Spodek is a leadership professor at NYU, a columnist for Inc., holds five Ivy-League degrees, including a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA, both from Columbia University, where he studied under a Nobel Laureate, helped build an X-ray observational satellite orbiting the Earth as part of a multi-billion-dollar decade-plus mission led by the European Space Agency with NASA, has run 6 marathons, has done over 80,000 burpees, wrote over 2,400 blog posts, has taken over 250 cold showers, and has jumped out of two airplanes.

In his new book “Leadership Step by Step,” Joshua explores not only what it means to lead and to be a leader, but provides a practical, step-by-step approach to learning leadership through daily exercises. While most leadership books focus on theory and nothing more, “Leadership Step by Step” helps you apply the theory others talk about so you can become the person others follow.

Ready to level up?

Leadership Step by Step isn't just a book, it's also a course.

Learn to lead  by doing—away from the computer, with people and projects you care about.

You will finish with what makes top performers successful and what forward-thinking companies look for: the experiences, skills, and beliefs of an effective leader. You will be able to lead independent of authority, able to lead your managers, people outside your company, outside a hierarchy.

Relationships in every area of your life will improve—business, friends, family, significant others, and with yourself.