Learn to Lead

This book will teach you to behave and communicate
so others want to follow you. Follow the simple,
step by step, meaningful exercises to gain confidence
and create meaning, value, and purpose in your work
and life.

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The Book
What's In It

The book is divided into four
major units as follows:

Understanding Yourself

Leading Yourself

Understanding Others

Leading Others

What You Will Learn

Unlike other books that give you principles and theory, Leadership Step by Step gives you exercises to practice with people you care about on projects you care about. You will face the social and emotional challenges of leading others and yourself in a safe context.

You will act and practice in each of these areas so when you lead people in life, you will act with experience, not trying to remember what you read in a book or paper.

  Who Should Read It

Professionals in leadership positions, on track to
them, or who want to be

People who want ownership of their work, as either
entrepreneurs or project leaders

Recent or soon-to-be graduates concerned
of how to start their careers

People who want to improve their relationships


Hardcover, 240 pages
22 step-by-step practical
learning exercises

... available on Kindle

    The Author  

Joshua Spodek

Joshua Spodek is a leadership professor at NYU, a columnist
for Inc., holds five Ivy-League degrees, including a PhD in
Astrophysics and an MBA, both from Columbia University,
where he studied under a Nobel Laureate, helped build an
X-ray observational satellite orbiting the Earth as part of a
multi-billion-dollar decade-plus mission led by the European
Space Agency with NASA, has run 6 marathons, has done over
80,000 burpees, wrote over 2,400 blog posts, has taken over
250 cold showers, and has jumped out of two airplanes.