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School promised you success that it can’t deliver.

You worked hard to get where you are, but school taught you facts and information, not how to succeed. You feel confused and anxious about your future, while others get ahead. Your managers don’t appreciate you and you don’t feel ownership of your projects. Instead of finding meaning and purpose at work, you feel like a cog.

Knowing facts was valuable before the internet. Now it's a reason to be replaced. Traditional education is designed for a world that doesn't exist any more. More of it won't help.

See what experts pushing for change from Harvard, the New York Times, and MIT say about our educational system's deep problems — that Spodek Academy™ is on the leading edge of changing.

Traditional education can't teach what you and your career need.

Leading and creating projects are social, emotional, experiential and performance-based activities. You need to learn them actively. Imagine a lecture to learn to play basketball, or a case study to learn to play the piano. Neither makes sense. Professors write papers and lecture. They’ve never negotiated with a company’s future on the line or fired someone. They teach you about leadership and to follow, not to lead.

Universities are the wrong system with the wrong people to prepare you for the social and emotional challenges inherent in leadership, creating projects, and forging your future.

More broken education won't help and employers know it.

Employers won't pay for people who learned to sit and listen or watch MOOCs. That's why Google doesn't require a college diploma and 50% of recent graduates are unemployed or have jobs that don't require a degree. Another unvalued degree won't help.

What works: learning the skills they demand—to lead people, initiate, solve real-world problems, assemble resources, attract teams, motivate people, and so on.

See how the Director of the award-winning documentary Most Likely To Succeed describes how employers disappointed by people who succeed in our current educational system, even top graduates of the top programs of the best schools, are devaluing diplomas and credentials — in favor of demonstrable skills that Spodek Academy™ delivers.

Spodek Academy™ offers another way: Create your own future.

Today's leaders succeed by forging paths, often dropping out of traditional schools. Spodek Academy™ teaches you what works today. We teach active, experiential courses developed and tested over hundreds of students and clients. You will work on projects with people you care about, to overcome the social and emotional challenges inherent in leadership, taking initiative, and forging your path. You will work safely with a supportive online community.

You will learn to create meaning, value, purpose, and passion through empathy and self-awareness.


Don't take our word for it.

Read alumni testimonials or the reflections of students actively working on projects. See why Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree named the best leader in America, Frances Hesselbein said:

“Joshua Spodek's courses are that rare breed of training—genuine, authentic, effective, meaningful, engaging, and, most of all, fun—whether you take them in-person, on-line, or by book. Through him I have witnessed their development, implementation, and results

They are based on the best leadership theory and practice. He implements them with the student's needs first, engaging them. The results are that the student becomes an authentic, great leader, able to serve and to live to the best of their ability. Anyone who aspires to lead, to lead better, or to live better would benefit from Joshua's exercises. This goes for business, public service, the social sector, the arts, education, and any sphere where leaders serve.


Exercised Based

You work on projects that matter to you with people that matter to you.


You learn by doing, so, in the real world, you fall back on what you did, not what you read.


Finish as fast as you'd like or take as much time as you need to learn with the detail and depth that your path demands.

Learn from experience

Created and taught by someone who has started companies, led companies, and developed and taught these courses for over a decade.

About Joshua

Joshua Spodek started his first venture over twenty years ago and has led, coached, taught, and developed courses since. Before then he helped build an x-ray observational satellite into space. You will find no one more passionate or effective at finding, expanding, and developing your leadership potential. Every major media source has covered him.


Reach out to Joshua Spodek to learn more about the Spodek Academy™ and our courses.