Entrepreneurship Step by Step

Do you want to OWN your work?

Do you want to CREATE your projects?

How the Course Works


Entrepreneurship Step by Step consists of a progression of exercises that build on each other.

  • You learn from doing, away from the computer, with people and projects you care about.
  • To progress to the next exercise you write a reflection, which many students describe as the best part of the course.
  • Reflection leads you to retain and generalize what you learned by doing, plus you read everyone else’s reflections and learn from their experience too.

Most exercises take under an hour, though you can keep practicing them and follow up for a lifetime.

Entrepreneurship Step by Step safely walks you through an engaging, educational, rewarding, and fun process that develop the skills, experience, and beliefs of successful entrepreneurs.

The skills apply to all relationships—business, friends, significant others, friends, and especially yourself. They increase confidence and lift insecurity. Most of all, Entrepreneurship Step by Step leads you to find and create your passions enough to act on and commit to them.

Many switch projects in the middle, realizing greater passions, freeing them from indecision and pressure from others.


You will create a project you love that people will pay you for, a helpful community of people vested in your success, relationships with valuable people in your field also vested in your success. You will create these relationships and the skills to develop more.

The skills work with managers in your company, to get promoted, to gain responsibilities, to get hired in new companies, or to enable you to start new ventures. You will learn to find and develop passions in general, start projects in general, attract teams in general, and generate support in general.

You will learn to find and develop passions in general, start projects in general, attract teams in general, and generate support in general.

If you do the exercises you will learn. If you don't you won't, simple as that. Don't register if you don't plan on doing them, but don't kid yourself that listening to lectures or MOOCs will create success. I can give you direction and you will develop discipline by doing them, but I can't do them for you. What leader became great through inaction?

Whether you want to create your own projects at your current job, get promoted, get hired, or start your own company, non-profit, or any organization, Entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving will get you there.

Entrepreneurship Step by Step will teach you how and develop your passion along the way.

Other entrepreneurship courses teach a fraction of entrepreneurship—how to prepare pitching to a venture capitalist. Great for VCs who want more of you competing for them and silicon valley types ready to risk their careers on a whim. Not so great for the rest of us. Few projects need VCs. Those courses also need you to start with an idea and team. THAT’S THE HARD PART!

See Jonathan's story:

Entrepreneurship Step by Step starts earlier in the process to teach broader and more valuable skills, experiences, and beliefs.

Most people sense they want the results of entrepreneurial problem-solving skills and are even willing to work hard for them but are afraid of committing because:

  • They don’t think they have a passion
  • They have multiple possible passions and fear picking the wrong one
  • They fear people will judge them

I’m Joshua Spodek and I’ve taught hundreds of clients and students through this challenge and found what works. Finding a passion worth committing to is like falling in love. It’s easy to spot someone you like, but to fall in love takes work. You get out what you put in. And often your first isn’t the one you want to devote your life to, but helps you anyway.

See Nikita's story:

The problem with many business passions is that life forces you to commit all the way. People lose their jobs and savings. Even minimum viable products take a lot of work and time. Many people never even try to develop their own projects, presuming others have passion but they don’t, a bleak outlook that infects every other part of their life and every relationship. Others try and fail so big they never want to try again, creating helplessness, insecurity, and complacency that also infect their lives and every relationship.

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