Initiative (formerly Entrepreneurship Step by Step) is the course from the book. It teaches you to create projects in any context — established businesses, new ventures, nonprofits, community organizing, family, friends, etc — from any point, even having no idea of what you want, to creating and leading a project you care about with people you care about and a supportive community including valuable community leaders who see you as a peer and help you, feeling vested in your success. It teaches you to create meaning and purpose.

What you'll learn

You will never lack initiative or creativity if you do the exercises. You will learn::

  • To identify what you care about
  • To identify problems people will reward you for solving
  • How to present your solutions
  • To lead people to want to help and want you to succeed
  • How involving people improves and accelerates the solution
  • How to attract valuable people to your team
  • To model your project's operations
  • To ensure its financial sustainability

Our method

We take the revolutionary step of teaching leadership, entrepreneurship, and the performance-based fields of professional and personal interactions as we teach every other performance-based fields, by practicing the basics, not lectures, case studies, and analytical papers. The result is self-awareness, empathy, an authentic voice, comfort under stress, and what comes with mastery. Think of how we teach playing musical instruments, sports, or the military.

We will lead you to the professional equivalent of playing Carnegie Hall. You'll have to play the scales. The result is freedom to realize your dreams, enjoy the process, and attract loyal, enthusiastic teammates.


Learn by doing.


Learn what you need when you need it with no big anxiety-causing jumps


Work at your pace, on what you care about.


Tested by hundreds of students from seasoned executives to unemployed teenagers. It works.

What our graduates say

Take the course! ... I think it's incredibly necessary for students to be equipped with some business knowledge before going into the 'real world.' Furthermore, the class taught me how to create sustainable solutions to remedy problems I'm passionate about. I'm incredibly grateful for the business and social tools I gained from this course.

In a nutshell

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